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S o u n d b a t h i n g

16.02. - 17.02.19

Featuring Sound works by
Ada Rączka,  François Pisapia, Kristin Reiman and  Shaun Motsi
Curated by
Ben Livne Weitzman

The works played emit moodscapes of search and displacement. The soundscape created is being explored by the artists as topography, from which they project waves that viscerally allure the listeners into their worlds. The physical, living-room-like setting, will be part of an attempt to examine and think of apt, potential environments for the experiencing sound art within the mostly visual-oriented setting of the gallery space.

Ada Rączka
News From Home, 2018
6 min

François Pisapia
Humming While Treading Through Soft Chaos, 2019
feat. "Freight Train" by Elizabeth Cotten
25 min

Kristin Reiman
Hello Dear Listener, 2019
3 min

Shaun Motsi
Untitled (Bitter Fruit), 2018
7 min

Photography © Ben Livne Weitzman