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Museum der Kritik

24.10. - 26.10.19

Nuray Demir, Thomas Geiger, Toon Leën and Simon Pfeffel
Curated by
Pia Bendfeld, Mailin Haberland, Alke Heykes, Philipp Lange, Sarah Müller, Emily Nill, Sonja Palade, Seda Pesen, Alessa Sänger and Anna-Lisa Scherfose

Simon Pfeffel
“Ein Dorf auf dem Rücken wandernder Elefanten errichten“

Toon Leën
“The Case of the Ridiculous Curator”

Nuray Demir
“ Eine Genealogie der Kritiken und Kämpfe im deutsch-
sprachigen Kunst- und Kulturbereich”

Thomas Geiger
“Rest Talk”

As a public place, the museum represents the social discourses of which it is a part. The museum has been, and still is, part of social movements and at the same time a space, where debates relating to those discourses take place. In a globalized world, where different voices and social as well as political movements form around themes such as inclusion and equal rights, the demands for a museum as a safe space intensify.

As such, the position of the museums is constantly reassessed, according to societal developments. This is where the project “Museum der Kritik” wants to intercede and interrogate the museum in terms of its present challenges and possibilities: Who develops the museum of the present? How is knowledge produced in a museum? Which forms of lack of transparency, hierarchical structures and mechanisms of exclusion can be observed? Which role does mediation play and at whom is it directed?

The museum of the present seems to linger between these questions. Using all this as a starting point, the project space fffriedrich will offer a possibility to focus on the search for artistic and curatorial critique as well as imagining possible spaces “in-between” and alternative conditions. By concentrating on the present and on artists, who work with the artistic medium of performance, the project will discuss to what extent critique can take effect within a museum context. The discrepancies between theory and practice, between wishful thinking and reality will be explored by the artists Nuray Demir, Toon Leën, Thomas Geiger and Simon Pfeffel within the “Museum der Kritik”.