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Proud to Present...

15.07. - 21.07.18

Jakob Brugge, Jack Cheetam, Stefanie Schwarzwimmer, Nina Kettiger, Adam Cruces, Annelies Kamen and Alexander Tillegreen
Curated by
Peter Hess, Klara Hülskamp, Hendrike Nagel, Junia Thiede and Eike Walkenhorst

Proud to present...
1 exhibition: 7 days. 7 artists. 7 solo shows. 24h each.
July 15th - July 21rd, 6-11 pm

Sunday 15th, 6-11 pm: Alexander Tillegreen
Monday 16th, 6-11 pm: Annelies Kamen
Tuesday 17th, 6-11 pm: Adam Cruces
Wednesday 18th, 6-11 pm: Nina Kettiger
Thursday 19th, 6-11 pm: Stefanie Schwarzwimmer
Friday 20th, 6-11 pm: Jack Cheetham
Saturday 21st, 6-11 pm: Jakob Brugge
fffriedrich is proud to present...!
For one week – every day (!) – fffriedrich will open its doors from 18-23pm to reveal 7 solo shows by 7 artists: a continuous play with the exhibition’s configurations and a celebration of a diverse appropriation of the gallery space – be it sonic, time-based, materialized or ephemeral. Melting down the exhibition to it's key factors "Proud to present..." is eager to challenge common exhibition formats and to coquette with the ritual of our contemporary event culture: Everything has to happen now, fast and spectacular! FOMO is part of the game!

Alexander Tillegreen

Annelies Kamen
Thanks, I’ll be here all week

Adam Cruces

Nina Kettiger
Nina’s horror ballet (narrated)

Stefanie Schwarzwimmer
Silent Revolution

Jack Cheetham

Jakob Brugge

Photography © Eike Walkenhorst