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11.02. - 25.02.2018

Rasmus Søndergaard Johannsen, Sophie Kitching and Anselm Schenkluhn
Curated by
Sophie Buscher, Alice Gustson and Dierk Höhne

The view into the stars, whether astronomically or technically, corresponds with the wish to bring imagination and reality closer together and, in retrospective, to determine one’s individual position on earth. The capability of going beyond the boundaries of time, space and fiction and the resulting concern with the mightiness of the outer space, is in particular an artistic matter. The moon as a reflection of our own perception.

fffriedrich presents such parallel visual worlds in the exhibition -46,08° with artworks by Rasmus Søndergaard Johannsen, Sophie Kitching and Anselm Schenkluhn. For all three artists, the moon and the stars function as symbols, are subjects of iconographical experiments or have been actively implicated in the process of creating the work of art. In their multiple references to the celestial bodies, the artworks oscillate between personal and scientific artistic approaches and echo various crafting techniques in their aesthetical development. Presence and absence, shadow, illusion and dissolve are found as corresponding elements in the artists’ work.

The exhibition title -46,08° references the angle of the moon in relation to the horizon at the specific place and time of the exhibition opening on February 10th, 2018 at 6 pm at Alte Mainzer Gasse 4. The negative degree value points towards the absents of the moon, that is, unquestionable, existent, yet not visible in the night sky.

Photography © Robert Schittko