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Greetings from the Curatorial Studies Class of 2021!

We are currently planning a group exhibition during Gasthof in July 2022 in the project space fffriedrich, and we would like to invite you—fine art students and guests of Gasthof—to send us your proposals.

Working Theme: The Art of Eating and the Eating of Art

Departing from the history of the first Gasthof in 2002 – an important moment in the emergence of ‘relational aesthetics’ through Rikrit Tiravanija’s meal-based art – we are particularly interested in exploring how food as a medium of artistic practice has changed over the past twenty years.

In light of accelerating climate change, successive crises of forced displacement and the current cost of living crisis, the production and sharing of food has arguably taken on a more acute political and social significance. This development is especially visible in Frankfurt, where in recent years diverse initiatives have proliferated addressing ecological, political and social problems through growing, cooking and sharing food. The ideas and motivations behind such projects can also be linked to a new preoccupation with food in contemporary art, as represented in the work of artists ranging from Cooking Sections to Rasheed Araeen and Ella Nurvista. Finally, the relaxation of pandemic restrictions has returned food to its central role at the Städelschule, from film kitchen dinners to the communal garden at Daimlerstraße.

Gasthof therefore represents an opportunity to take stock of the changing status of food as a medium of artistic practice. Is making dinner still an act that contains radical artistic possibilities? If so, where is the line between the art of eating, and the eating of art? And in a wider perspective: what role can art play in challenging destructive global food systems?

Want to participate?

If you share an interest in these questions, or use food as a material, medium or subject in your practice, then please get in touch with us! We are open to including a variety of works, from performance and video pieces to any other media like installation, sculpture or painting. Please also feel welcome to submit proposals which relate to the theme of food in alternative or less explicit ways – we want the concept of the exhibition to evolve as a collaborative project.

Please send your proposals in pdf format with a short description of the work you would like to show, photos (if possible), and your name and telephone number to:

The deadline for proposals is June 1st, and we will make a selection of participants by June 8th.

Best wishes,

Curatorial Studies Class 2021